You asked: Can Disney cast members wear jewelry?

Jewelry for costumed cast members: Jewelry is permitted provided it does not distract from the overall appearance and preserves the magical Guest experience. A visible wrist and/or ankle bracelet in good taste and condition may be worn with the costume.

You asked, can you wear jewelry at Disney? Keep yourself cool but appropriately covered. Excessive Jewelry– This is really just my opinion. If you are wearing tons of heavy jewelry, that may not fair to well on Expedition Everest or Tower of Terror.

Also, can Disney cast members wear Apple watches? NOTE: Again, only Cast Members in non-QSFB /Safety Critical roles may wear watches, Smart watches, and/or FitBits at work! Working together at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both are available on Amazon.com: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale and Adventures in the Animal Kingdom. Have a magical day!

Similarly, can Disney employees wear eyeliner? Cosmetics. Face Makeup: For Hostesses only a natural makeup is permitted. … Eye Makeup: If mascara is worn, it should be applied lightly in shades of black or brown. The “Disney Look” does not include eye shadow, eye liner or false eyelashes.

People ask also, can Disney cast members have colored hair? Hairstyles and colors: Hair length is now at the Cast Member’s discretion. However, if the hair is below shoulder length, it needs to up off the face and away from the name tag during working hours. Hair coloring is allowed if it is a naturally occurring color (for example no blues, greens, pinks or purples).Piercings are still not permitted unless they are on Cast Member’s ears, and a Cast Member cannot physically change their look to be distracting, such as “tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion, and disfiguring skin implants”. Now, Disney Cast Members can adhere to a less rigid dress code.

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What should you not wear to Disney?

As part of the Disney Dress Code, guests are asked to wear proper attire including shoes and shirts at all times. Attire that is not appropriate for the parks includes (but is not limited to): Costumes and masks worn by guests age 14 or over. Clothing with obscene language or graphics.

What are Disney employees not allowed to say?

The three words that Disney employees are trained not to say are “I don’t know.” “If a guest asks you a question, you always have to have an answer, no exceptions,” an anonymous former Cast Member shared online. “If you don’t know it, find out, but don’t say you don’t know.

What kind of shoes do Disney cast members wear?

Most roles simply require black or white shoes (usually black). However some positions with heavy theming such as Jungle Cruise or Kilimanjaro Safaris require special shoes like hiking boots.

What do Disney cast members wear?

Cast Members are required to wear appropriate undergarments at all times. Patterned or colored undergarments that are visible when worn under light-colored costumes are not permitted. A solid white crewneck or v-neck undershirt is permitted under costumes.

Are tattoos banned at Disney World?

Visitors may see tattoos, fingernail polish and newly allowed hairstyles for the first time in Disney theme parks. … For instance, visible, appropriate tattoos will be limited in size and must be below the neck. Going forward, two earrings will now be allowed in one ear, although the size of the hoops will be restricted.

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Are tattoos allowed in Disney World?

Visible tattoos are permitted, with the exception of placement on the face, head or neck. Tattoos must be no larger than the Cast Member’s hand when fully extended with the fingers held together.

Can Disney employees show tattoos?

Disney employees will now be able to have visible tattoos and more freely express themselves with their clothes and haircuts as a result of a new initiative from the company to become more inclusive for its workers and visitors.

Can Disney cast members wear sunglasses?

Only sunglasses that allow your eyes to be seen are permitted. Sunglasses may not be worn at night, in dark areas, or indoors. Sunglasses should be removed when Cast Members engage in extended interactions with a Guest and should not be visible when not in use.

Can Disney cast members wear makeup?

In the latest revision of the “Disney Look” which impacts all of Walt Disney World’s Cast Members, all references to gender have been removed, focussing on the Cast as one. All Cast Members now have the same options, which includes makeup, jewelry and nail polish.

Does Disney do drug tests?

Disney absolutely WILL administer a pre-employment drug test for anyone who is cast in a safety critical role. This includes roles such as attractions, lifeguard, etc. They also will randomly select groups of people from these roles to undergo random drug testing. … They do not drug test any cast members.

What is the Disney look 2021?

The Disney Look is an inclusive set of guidelines that not only aligns with our brand, but empowers our cast members to more proudly be their authentic self. … It is clean, polished and approachable, and is designed with our costumed and non-costumed cast members in mind.

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Can cast members wear earrings?

Jewelry for non-costumed cast members: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins/brooches, tie bars, cuff links, scarf clips and wristwatches are permitted. Cause bracelets are not permitted. Earrings must be simple, matched pairs in gold, silver, or a color that matches the outfit.

Does Disney allow employees for piercings?

Specifically, small, visible tattoos will now permitted — with the exception of tattoos located on the face, head, and neck. … However, the rules are more strict when it comes to facial piercings: cast members are only allowed to wear two earrings in each ear, but they can be located anywhere on the ear.

Can you wear a sports bra to Disney?

Make sure your shirt isn’t overly cropped! … Well, some of it is up to the discretion of Disney, but generally, you’ll want to skip the sports bras, overly cropped crop tops, super short shorts, and anything else that you’d be embarrassed to walk into church in.

Can I wear my wedding dress to Disney World?

WHEN YOU PLAN A WEDDING at a Disney resort, the coordinator explains this policy ahead of time so you don’t show up at the park gates in full regalia. This is why you can’t wear your wedding dress into the parks: They don’t want you to be mistaken for a “face character” employed by the park.

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