Working from home: the highest-paying jobs

Sometimes in the morning, my husband hates me. I can’t help it, and I don’t blame him.

While he has to shower, get dressed, maybe eat something, make sure he has all the things he needs for his daily life such as papers, keys and so on, and then face a whole range of Canadian weather conditions, I turn around in bed, go down the stairs and turn on my computer. Okay, let’s be honest: I don’t always go downstairs. Sometimes I roll over in bed and turn on my computer. I work from home: I’m a web content producer and strategist.

In many ways, I’m living the good life – in other ways, not really, but we’ll get back to that soon. You too can have a good life, because in many areas, employees are no longer required to be in the office 40 hours a week.

Forbes magazine recently listed the highest paying jobs to be done from home. Among the sectors listed were health, technology and creative. You’ll find the list at the end of this article.

You’ll notice that you won’t necessarily become a millionaire. We’re not talking about the jackpot: $31,000 in salary for a tax preparer.

However, the wage compromise is worthwhile if it allows some employees to avoid wearing trousers.

According to Forbes, the demand for home-based positions is growing. Aging baby boomers want to escape the stress of office life and Gen-Xers are looking for flexibility.

“Canadians keep saying that what they want most in their working lives is flexibility,” says Peter Harris, who is leading the movement to create a “Work from Home” day.

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“The opportunity to work from home, whether full-time or part-time, enables the worker to perform his or her duties according to his or her own schedule, allows the employee to fulfill family obligations and allows the time that would otherwise be wasted travelling to work to be spent on other aspects of his or her life. It is a benefit offered by employers that allows a company to attract the best talent. »

On the other hand, working full time from home brings some difficulties. I feel alone and disconnected from the world – even though I spend 18 hours a day online. Networking is harder and it’s much harder at the end of the day to drop out and leave work “at the office”. My work day is endless. I work from the time I get up (or roll over in bed) until late in the evening. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for advancement,” says Forbes. That’s something to think about.

There is no doubt that opportunities will continue to arise as cities grow and travel time increases. The elimination of travel is a benefit that appeals to environmentalists, while bosses see the value of the savings they get from renting smaller workspaces.

Here is a list of the most lucrative jobs to be done from home, as compiled by Forbes. Be careful, the jobs and salaries reflect the American market.

1. Physicians and radiologists

Median weekly earnings: $1,975

Median salary for primary care physicians: $186,000

2. Software Engineers

Median weekly earnings: $1,549

Median salary: $85,000

3. Chief Financial Officers

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Median weekly earnings: $1,227

Median salary: $99,000

4. Post-secondary teachers

Median weekly earnings: $1,166

Median salary: $59,000

5. Market research and survey managers

Median weekly earnings: $1,162

Median salary: $61,000

6. Registered Nurse [triage téléphonique, par exemple]

Median weekly earnings: $1,055

Median salary: $62,000

7. Public Relations Specialists

Median weekly earnings: $1,126

Median salary: $51,000

8. Editors and Authors

Median weekly earnings: $987

Median salary: $55,000

9. Tax return specialists

Median weekly earnings: $1,061

Median salary: $31,000

10. Graphic Designers

Median weekly earnings: $890

Median salary: $42,000

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