Tips for a trendy CV in 2020

In a world where social media is gaining in popularity and where companies and recruiters are doing more and more searches online or through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can’t afford not to keep up with the pace when it comes to your CV. But what is expected of a resume in this age of numerical dominance?

Add links to your social media profiles

A vast majority of employers Google their candidates. Anticipate these virtual visits and indicate on your resume which social networks you use. Highlight your accounts on social networks, focusing on those that you think are relevant to the job.

Make sure that your account settings, especially LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, have been recently revised and that they are consistent with your expertise and the skills listed on your resume. Profiles kept up to date and regular activity is a great way to show that you are a good fit for the digital world.

Do you know what a TTY is?

Most large companies now use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as part of their recruitment strategies. If you apply for a job online or submit your CV to a database, there is a good chance that your CV will go through an ATS.

ATS software is designed to analyze resumes based on keywords in order to establish matches with job postings. If your resume is not compatible with a TTY, it is likely that it will never be selected as a match, even if you are qualified for the position. The choice of keywords and terminology therefore become important in the development of your resume.

Opt for a creative, original or simply well-presented CV

A visually well-designed CV will immediately give the impression that you are a modern, trend-savvy person and will set you apart from your competitors. Above all, be yourself. Don’t overdo it by overloading your CV with images and colours. You have to find the right balance between originality and functionality. If the recruiter wastes time finding the right information, he or she risks leaving the CV out of the equation.

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To give you some ideas, most job websites suggest several services that allow you to download free resume templates in Word format: 9 free resume templates tested for you. Many templates are available, ranging from classic proposals to more design-oriented ones, and some are even optimized for application tracking systems (ATS). This article will provide you with a wide range of ideas and approaches to consider.

Meet the needs of the reader every time

The most important piece of advice that Proxima Centauri can give you is this: you must absolutely personalise the content of your CV for each job application. You can start with a basic CV that covers your value proposition, the usual skills and your main achievements, but take the time to adapt the content each time according to the employer. The worst mistake you can make is to send a generic cover letter that isn’t addressed to anyone in particular (or, even worse, to the wrong person), filled with empty sentences collected left and right.

Content customization ensures that relevant details, keywords, key phrases and clear added value are included to meet the needs of the reader-recruiter.

Remember: your CV is all about you, but it’s not meant for you! So think about your audience when you’re writing your CV.

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