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Question: How to get job at income tax department?

There are two main routes to become an Income Tax Officer in India, i.e. SSC CGL exam or UPSC exam. SSC CGL exam is the main recruitment exam for Grade C and B inspectors for the Department of Income Tax which comes under the central government.

As many you asked, what is the salary of income tax department? Average Income Tax Department India Income Tax Officer salary in India is ₹ 7.3 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 31 years. Income Tax Officer salary at Income Tax Department India ranges between ₹ 1 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs.

Subsequently, which job is best in income tax department?

  1. Prosecutor. A Prosecutor is a lawyer specializing in economic offenses, he/she is hired to represent the department in court cases involving the department and any other party.
  2. Tax Assistant.
  3. Inspector.
  4. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax.

People ask also, what is the eligibility for income tax officer? Income Tax Department Recruitment: Eligibility criteria Tax Assistant – Candidate should have a degree from a recognized University or equivalent and should have a Data Entry Speed of 8,000 Key depressions per hour. Stenographer- Eligible candidate should have passed class 12th or equivalent examination.

Furthermore, how can I become a tax inspector? To become an income tax inspector, aspirants must appear for the SSC CGL examination. Staff Selection Commission conducts the combined graduate level (CGL) examination for the recruitment into various government departments. The appointment of income tax inspectors is also done via the SSC CGL examination.A career as an income tax officer provides both desk work as well as exciting fieldwork. An income tax officer job role is considered as a reputable and most demanding role. It provides a proper work-life balance. There is only little provision for overtime.

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How can I become a income tax officer syllabus?

  1. Logical Sequence of Words.
  2. Visual memory.
  3. Problem Solving.
  4. Figure Classification.
  5. Alphabet Series.
  6. Analysis.
  7. Judgment.
  8. Decision making.

What is the qualification of SSC CGL?

SSC CGL Educational Qualification To apply for the SSC CGL Exam, the candidate must be a Graduate from a recognised University/ Institution. Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from a recognized University. And, Candidates must have studied either Economics/Statistics/Mathematics as a compulsory or as an elective subject.

Does income tax inspector have uniform?

Is there any dress for income tax inspector? “All the Officers/Official/Staff members should be attired in appropriate, formal, clean, modest and decent clothes. Casual and party attire should be strictly avoided during their appearance in office,” it added.

Is there interview for income tax inspector?

The exam for Income Tax Officer is referred to as SSC CGL exam which is followed by an interview and Physical Standard/Physical Fitness and Medical Tests.

Which government job has highest salary?

  1. IAS and IPS.
  2. NDA and Defense Services.
  3. ISRO, DRDO Scientists/Engineers.
  4. RBI Grade B.
  5. Indian Forest Services.
  6. PSU Jobs.
  7. Assistant Professors/Lecturers in Government Colleges.
  8. Staff Selection Commission.

Is there any departmental exam in income tax?

A Departmental Examination for Income Tax Inspectors will be held by the Directorate of Income Tax (Income Tax) on behalf of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi once a year, preferably in the first half of the calendar year.

Which book is best for income tax officer?

  1. Income Tax Law volume 8 and 9.
  2. Tax Deduction and collection at source.
  3. Deduction of Tax at source with advanced Tax and Reduce.
  4. Income tax salaries on 2011-2012.
  5. Designing salary structure of Employee.
  6. Income Tax Act as amended by finance Act 2011.

Can 12th pass apply for income tax?

If your age is between 18 years to 30 years for the post of Inspector of Income Tax then your can apply. There is no clear information about age relaxation yet. If you want to apply then you must have a 10th and 12th pass and apart from this, you should also have a bachelor’s degree.

Which government job is best?

  1. Indian Administrative Services [IAS]
  2. Indian Foreign Services [IFS]
  3. Indian Police Services [IPS]
  4. Indian Engineering Services [IES]
  5. Public Sector Companies [PSUs]
  6. Indian Forest Services.
  7. RBI Grade B.
  8. SEBI Grade A.

How do I apply for 2021 tax recruitment?

  1. Go to official website
  2. Click “Recruitment Notices” find the advertisement “Recruitment against sports quota in The Income Tax Department Kerala for the year 2021-22”, click on the advertisement.
  3. Download the application form then fill up the form correctly.

Is SSC exam tough?

This exam is among the toughest ones in the country. Not only the extensive syllabus but the fierce competition for a limited number of seats makes it difficult to crack. Aspirants should familiarize themselves with the SSC CGL exam before actually starting preparing for it.

What is age limit for SSC exam?

Aspirants applying for SSC CGL must not be less than 18 years and cannot be more than 32 years of age (as of August 1, 2022). The lower and upper limit of age varies for each post.

Can a 12th pass apply for SSC CGL?

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Ans. Candidates after completing 12th can appear for various government exams such as RRB ALP, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Stenographer, SSC GD, Indian Coastal Guard, etc.

Do income tax officers get cars?

Most IRS officers are provided house and official vehicle.

What is the power of income tax officer?

The officer has the power to call for information from any person either with regard to his own matters or in case of a third person, with whom the person has any dealings, which are covered under various sections of the Income Tax Act.

What is the duty of income tax inspector?

The duties of Income Tax Inspectors include tax return assessment, reporting any discrepancies in the returns filed by individuals/companies, etc. They are either posted in the Assessment Section or Non-Assessment Section of the Income Tax Department, which functions under CBDT.

Is SSC CGL a good career option?

A lot of candidates attempt SSC CGL as they are not just after a well paying job but after the social esteem associated with the post. … Career progression: SSC keeps conducting grade-wise departmental competitive exams for existing Central Government staff members. This provides them with ample growth prospects.

Which government exam is easy?

List of Easiest Government Exams to Crack in India. RRB Group D. RRB NTPC. SSC Multi Tasking Staff.

Is government job better or private job?

Government jobs are better than private ones because of the benefits they provide. The major benefits of getting a government job are – Job security, work-life balance, bonuses, fixed working hours, medical benefits, good salary, a decent amount of off-days, retirement life benefits, and many more.

How can I get govt job?

  1. Figure out the particular field of work in the government sector:
  2. Maintain a positive attitude:
  3. Have an optimistic mentality:
  4. Start looking for a suitable job using job searching tools:
  5. Research well about the department of work:
  6. Look out for any news:
  7. Prepare yourself in advance:

What is the next promotion of income tax inspector?

You will become a Gazetted officer under Pay grade 4800. Normally it takes 5-7 years to become ITO depending on your zone. After that, another 10-12 years to Assistant Commissioner of Income tax . Then in every 4-5 years you will get a promotion.

What is departmental exam in SSC Quora?

The departmental exams conducted by postal department are: Promotion to Inspector of Posts, after completion of 5 years of satisfactory service as PA/SA, conducted almost every year.

Do government jobs pay well?

Average government salaries are competitive with the private and nonprofit sectors. Top candidates with work experience and strong academic backgrounds can quickly increase their pay. Federal benefits, including health insurance, retirement and vacation, can be superior to other sectors.

Which government job is best for girl?

  1. Bank PO and Clerk Jobs For Women. Bank jobs are the most preferred ones among females.
  2. Railway Jobs For Women.
  3. SSC Jobs For Female Aspirants.
  4. UPSC Jobs.
  5. TET Jobs.
  6. Police Job for Female Aspirants.
  7. Jobs For 35 Years Old Female or Older Aspirants.
  8. Defence Jobs for Women in India.

Is income tax inspector a desk job?

A job in this section includes work related to desk job details that come with the title of Income Tax Inspector. You will be responsible for assessing income tax that people, companies, or partnership firms are liable to pay. You will also have to handle refund claims and TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) queries.

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Can I crack SSC without maths?

The minimum Qualification of most of the SSC exams for non-technical posts is graduation from any subject. This means that students who choose arts subjects to avoid math would have to revisit the quant in SSC examinations and also have to master it.

Is CGL easy?

SSC CGL Paper Analysis: March 5, 2020 Students found it difficult to answer the questions. General Intelligence & Reasoning: The difficulty level of this section was rated moderate by candidates who have appeared for the exam. General Awareness: The overall difficulty level of this section was easy.

Is maths tough in SSC CGL?

MYTH-4: Math is only about shortcuts & tricks. REALITY: Math (Quantitative Aptitude) section of the exam is considered by many students to be the most difficult and time consuming one. It has questions from all the major areas such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Does 12th marks matter in SSC?

No, 12th percentage doesn’t matter in SSC CGL. If you have any bachelor’s degree from any recognized University/ Institute then you are eligible for CGL exam.

What is SSC called?

The Secondary School Certificate, also called SSC or Matriculation examination, in madrasah education Dakhil is a public examination in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan conducted by educational boards for the successful completion of the secondary education exam in these countries.

How many attempts are there in SSC exam?

Answer. There is no such number of attempts specified. There is an age limit specified and its upto you how many attempts you want to give. For general category it’s generally 21 to 27 years, roughly 7 attempts.

Can a girl give SSC exam after 12th?

There are various exams conducted by the SSC, like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL etc,. You are eligible for SSC CHSL EXAM after 12th class. After passing that 12th, you can write SSC CHSL EXAM. SSC CGL exam is only for people who have completed graduation.

Which subject is best for SSC exam?

Answer : Maths and English. These two are the most important subjects for SSC CGL as their weightage is 500/700.

Which job is best for 12th pass?

  1. Content Writing. It is really a good job for all those students who have impressive writing skills.
  2. Tutor.
  3. BPO.
  4. Data Entry Operator.
  5. Primary School Teacher.
  6. Police Department.
  7. Indian Army.
  8. Merchant navy.

Is income tax officer a good job?

A career as an income tax officer provides both desk work as well as exciting fieldwork. An income tax officer job role is considered as a reputable and most demanding role. It provides a proper work-life balance. There is only little provision for overtime.

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