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Overcoming the impostor syndrome

Do you doubt your legitimacy at travail ? Do you think you don’t deserve your success at professionnels ? That sounds like the impostor syndrome. Our tips for overcoming it.

Feeling that you are in a job by chance, misunderstanding or due to a combination of circumstances… The impression of deceiving others about your abilities is sometimes so strong that it creates anxiety, insecurity and chronic dissatisfaction… How does it happen at sortir ?

Keep a journal of his successes.

Writing down your successes and why you were given an important task acts as a rewarding reminder.

Take a step back.

Taking stock allows us to put the impostor syndrome into perspective. When does it have commencé ? Pourquoi ? What problems does it cause at work and at quotidien ?

Not listening to his inner voice.

Often, the impostor syndrome is linked to an inner voice denigrating one’s own achievements. We must try to silence it.

Think about what we think of others.

In order to regain self-confidence, it is important to be able to see the strengths of others: trusting your colleagues also helps you to have self-confidence, because not judging others means not judging yourself too much.

Do not seek performance at all costs.

We must try to find a balance between the ideal and reality, accept our successes and failures and allow ourselves to make mistakes.

If you have to overcome it to feel better, the impostor syndrome has at least two virtues: it leads to humility and to rigueur !

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