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Job Search: 10 Things that Waste Time

When you’re looking for a job, there’s not a minute to lose. It is therefore best to avoid engaging in time-consuming activities that do not provide real benefits. Here are 10 things that will make you waste time looking for your dream job.

1. Do not get involved

If finding a new job is not a top priority for you and the next episode of Unit 9 seems more interesting than sending in your CV, you should not expect to get any convincing results. So before looking for a new job, you should ask yourself how serious you are about it. Because, according to many experts, it takes three to five hours a week to do a proper job search.

2. Not being organized

Finding a new job is a job in itself. So it’s best to be organized. Scheduling different time slots to sit down, go through the job offers and send in your application, keeping a record of the applications sent in and having a target of applications per week or month are a good start and above all a good way of not losing your bearings.

3. Not having revised his CV for some time

If you send in your CV without proofreading or editing it for some time, it may lack skills or experience. Taking the time to polish your CV (checking for spelling mistakes, making sure everything is listed correctly) will save you from wasting time applying for nothing.

4. Send a generic CV to all employers

Do you send the same CV to all employers? If so, this is a mistake. A generic CV will not catch the eye of the potential employer and will not allow you to get the job of your dreams. So it’s best to take the time to personalize your CV before you apply.

5. Send CVs to any wind

By sending a ton of CVs, i.e. by focusing on quantity rather than quality, you are not using your time productively and efficiently. There’s no need to apply to every job posting: taking the time to choose well in order to get the best possible result is the key!

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6. Only limited to employment sites

Yes, navigating from one job site to another is easy and can be done from anywhere. But according to a study conducted by the American news channel ABC News, 80% of jobs are found through networking. So you can make better use of your time by not prioritizing only online job sites.

7. Applying even if you are not qualified

When you are desperate to find a new job, you may end up being tempted to apply for jobs for which you are not really qualified. However, this can be a waste of time. Employers have a list of minimum criteria and will simply reject an application that does not match what they are looking for.

8. Applying even if you are not interested

There are more people applying for a job they are not interested in than we think. If you’re not interested in the position or the employer, why waste your time sending in your CV? Even if you absolutely have to find a new job, don’t waste your time applying for a job you wouldn’t want anyway… and you won’t be happy in it.

9. Never follow up

You’ve been summoned for a job interview. You therefore expect the person who interviews you to be the one who contacts you to let you know his or her decision regarding your application. But have you thought about following up immediately after your interview? Reiterating your interest in the position immediately after your interview could earn you points with the employer.

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10. Wait by the phone

Your interview went well. You’re optimistic. You stop looking for a job and stop sending your CV. Error! Even if you are firmly convinced that you did well in a job interview, don’t let the interesting opportunities go by, because after all, in interviews, there are a lot of conscripts and few chosen ones. It is important to continue your research until you receive a formal job offer.

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