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How to get job at rfa?

  1. You need to be aged 16, with no upper age limit.
  2. Applicants must be British, Irish or Commonwealth citizens.
  3. Commonwealth citizens must meet the RFA residency criteria.

Best answer for this question, is it hard to get into the RFA? It’s unlikely – not impossible, but unlikely – that you’d be an RFA officer stationed on a RN ship. The legal position is fiddly (if specific) – RN personnel are military, RFA are “civilians attached to the military”.

Furthermore, how long does it take to join the RFA? A typical appointment length in the RFA is four months long, followed by 21 days paid leave for each month served on board to look forward to. Plenty of time to catch up with friends and family or go travelling!

Moreover, is the RFA the Merchant Navy? The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a Merchant Navy organisation that is made up of civilian-crewed ships operated by the Ministry of Defence. It provides vital – and highly valued – logistical and operational support to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Likewise, how old is the RFA?

  1. An important role throughout history. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Service was first established in 1905 to initially provide coaling ships for the Royal Navy in an era that introduced the change from sail to coal-fired steam engines as the main means of propulsion for warships.

How long is RFA training?

Your training begins at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) at Dartmouth for 10 weeks, after which your specialist training will be undertaken at the Defence Logistics Management School at HMS Raleigh for 71 weeks, learning the Defence accounting systems and the Defence supply chain together with more RFA specific …

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How long is an RFA apprenticeship?

“The whole process only took about two years, and I was getting paid at the same time.

Are the RFA military?

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) delivers worldwide logistic and operational support to Royal Navy military operations. They are the uniformed civilian branch of the Naval Service, staffed by UK merchant sailors.

Do RFA ships have WIFI?

Some of our ships have internet, which means you can access things like emails and online banking. And even if you are on board a ship that has no internet connection, your Communications Team will always be able to help you contact home.

Can you join the RFA with asthma?

You need to be medically fit to deal with everything that life in the Royal Navy throws at you. Detailed medical advice can be found here, but common conditions that may delay or bar your entry to the Naval Service include: Asthma within the last four years (not including a single chest infection)

Do the RFA get medals?

The awards granted for these acts of bravery include bronze, silver and gold medals and Testimonials on Vellum or Parchment.

Why was RFA Fort George scrapped?

The CSG’s dependence upon a single vessel for solid support is the result of decisions made over a decade ago to scrap sister ship, RFA Fort George. She was selected for the axe in 2010 simply because she was due for a major refit and the two older Forts class vessel were cheaper to run.

Are RFA ships armed?

Determined by their tasking, Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ships are armed with active weapon systems (AWS) for self-protection. Each ship is fit to receive Phalanx and 20mm or 30mm close range guns; with the exception of RFA TIDESPRING which is yet to be fitted for AWS. All RFA ships may also carry small arms.

How old is 7mm?

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Where is RFA Wave Ruler?

The current position of RFA WAVE RULER is in Irish Sea and St. George’s Channel with coordinates 53.38677° / -3.01001° as reported on 2017-11-10 11:11 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel’s current speed is 0 Knots and is currently inside the port of TRANMERE.

Where is RFA Cardigan Bay now?

The current position of CARDIGAN BAY is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 50.41937 N / 2.3053 W) reported 1 min ago by AIS. The vessel is sailing at a speed of 9.0 knots.

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Why do you want to join the RFA?

Job satisfaction Doing a job that has a significant impact on our nation’s defence capabilities comes with real responsibility. It’s not easy – you’ll be challenged every day – but being part of an RFA bring a team spirit and job satisfaction that you won’t experience anywhere else.

What is the Navy swimming test?

To pass the Naval Swimming Test you must be able to jump into deep water wearing overalls and tread water for 2 minutes. On completion, you must be able to swim 50 metres (2 lengths) in a further 4 minutes – again in overalls – without touching the side or bottom, before climbing out unaided from the deep-end.

What does the medical term RFA stand for?

Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) is a procedure used to reduce pain. An electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from that specific area.

What are the ranks in Merchant Navy?

  1. Chief officer/ mate.
  2. 2nd officer/mate.
  3. 3rd officer/mate.
  4. Deck cadet.

What apprenticeships can you do in the army?

  1. Public services and health.
  2. Engineering.
  3. Telecommunications & I.T.
  4. Animal care.
  5. Logistics.
  6. Construction.
  7. Business administration.

What sport apprenticeships are there?

  1. Community activator coach.
  2. Community sport and health officer.
  3. Leisure duty manager.
  4. Leisure team member.
  5. Outdoor activity instructor.
  6. Personal trainer.
  7. Sporting excellence professional.
  8. Sports coach.

What is an accelerated apprenticeship?

Joining the Royal Navy on the Accelerated Apprentice Scheme (Air Engineering) means being fast-tracked to working with our most advanced aircraft. You’ll receive accelerated training, so you can be part of the team that maintains, services and inspects the Fleet Air Arm’s helicopters and fighter jets.

Does the Royal Navy have mothballed ships?

Today, the British navy doesn’t even have jet fighters. It mothballed its last Harriers in 2010. It possesses just 89 ships.

Who is in charge of the RFA?

In September 2020, a new head of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary was announced. Commodore David Eagles, whose official title is Commodore RFA and Deputy Director Royal Navy Afloat Support, has served with the RFA for more than 30 years.

Is Merchant Navy a military?

A non-military service, the Merchant Navy is a part of a global economy that impacts our daily lives from the food we eat to the things we own and use every day.

How does the RFA work?

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) works by passing electrical current in the range of radio waves between a needle electrode positioned in the tumor and grounding pads placed on the patient’s skin. The radiofrequency current produces a high level of heat within the tumor tissue surrounding the electrode.

Can I join the Navy at 40?

The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28. Navy: 39.

Can you join the Royal Marines with a criminal record?

Criminal convictions If you have a previous criminal conviction, you may still be able to join. However, if you’ve committed certain offences or served specific types of sentence, you might be permanently barred from entering or re-entering the Royal Marines.

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Can I join the army if I have asthma UK?

According to the 2018 “Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction into the Military Services” issued by the Department of Defense, having a history of asthma after 13 years of age is considered to be a “disqualifying condition” for service.

Can I wear my ISAF medal?

Can I wear the NATO ISAF as I am no longer serving? All awards to UK citizens require the permission of the Sovereign to accept and wear, regardless of whether you are serving or not. The NATO ISAF was not put forward for approval to wear as recipients of this also receive the OSM Afghanistan.

What is the highest military award in the UK?

The George Cross is equal in stature in the UK honours system to the Victoria Cross, the highest military gallantry award. This has always been the case since the introduction of the award in 1940. It may be awarded to all ranks of the services and civilians and can be awarded posthumously.

Can I wear my medals on civilian clothing?

It is permissible for veterans and retirees to wear military awards on civilian clothes for gatherings of a military theme. … Retirees and veterans can wear all categories of medals on appropriate civilian clothing. This includes clothes designed for veteran and patriotic organizations.

What are the 5 fighting arms of the Royal Navy?

  1. Surface Fleet.
  2. Submarine Service.
  3. Fleet Air Arm.
  4. Royal Marines.
  5. Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

When was the Royal Navy at its largest?

Second World War, 1939-1945 At the start of the war in 1939, the Royal Navy was the largest in the world, with over 1,400 vessels.

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