How to get a job

How to get a job at Teekay?

Teekay shipping recognizes that our employees are the key to our success. If you are ready to make your next move into a world class company, please submit an application. Choose the segment you want to apply to then follow the instructions on the form. REVISED SERVICE TERMS AND REJOINING BONUS FOR SENIOR OFFICERS.

As many you asked, why do you want to join Teekay? Why would a seafarer want to work for Teekay? From humble beginnings through our founder Torben Karlshoej, Teekay has gained a reputation for being a company that takes care of its people. We recognize the value of our people and the great work that our seafarers do.

People ask also, what is Teekay? Teekay Corporation (Teekay) is a provider of crude oil and other marine transportation services. Teekay provides these services directly and through its controlling ownership interest in Teekay Tankers Ltd., the owners and operators of mid-sized crude tankers.

Similarly, what does Teekay Offshore do? Established in 1973, Teekay has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation companies. We bring energy where it is needed to power the global economy and to improve people’s lives.

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