How to get a job

How to get a job at McCarthy Tétrault LLP?

What is McCarthy Tetrault known for?

About McCarthy Tétrault McCarthy Tétrault LLP provides a broad range of legal services, providing strategic and industry-focused advice and solutions for Canadian and international interests. The firm has substantial presence in Canada’s major commercial centres as well as in New York City and London.

What is MT align?

MT❯Align is a platform for independent lawyers and legal professionals to access a variety of challenging work with top-tier clients on a temporary or short-term basis. By working with MT❯Align, lawyers gain control of their careers and achieve work / life balance by choosing whom they work with, and when.

Why did Heenan Blaikie collapse?

Increasing financial pressures and friction between partners in Montreal and Toronto were key factors behind Heenan’s failure, the biggest ever for a law firm in Canada.

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