How to get a job

How to get a job at kra?

Go to and then click on the ‘Register’ button to start the application process. After registration, you will receive an email enabling you to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

Beside above, how is working at Kra?

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. A degree holder in a relevant field from a recognized university with a minimum qualification of Second class honors.
  3. Must be aged not more than 27 years.
  4. Have no criminal record.

Furthermore, how long does KRA take to shortlist?

You asked, apply online on their website when vacancies are announced and wait. You are contacted after about two weeks with a notification to do an aptitude general question online interview. you then wait for shortlisting of successful candidate. when did the Portuguese leave Kenya?

Likewise, how do I register with KPA? Applicants must go to the Kenya Ports Authority website to access the link from the Careers Portal site. Under Careers click on the Career Portal to access the registration/log in link. i. The Registration Screen will display.

How do I contact KRA?

Customer Support. Do you have a Question? Call us on : +254 20 4 999 999 or +254 711 099 999; Email us on or click the button below to ask us a question.

Do KRA pay interns?

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) The Kenya Revenue Authority takes in interns annually which are at times later absorbed on a permanent basis. At KRA Interns get a salary of Kshs 15,000/= per month.

Is Kra a good employer?

Internet firm Google followed KenGen and at the fifth position among the best companies to work for is the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). But it is the top three companies that are set to attract attention for those seeking greener pastures and those looking for best practices for benchmarking.

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How do you answer KRA questions?

How to Answer. Because KRA puts so much effort into their customer service reputation, the interviewer needs to be confident that your customer service values align with theirs. Be sure to research the KRA website and take note of any keywords they use when it comes to their customers. Match your language with theirs.

Who is a docker in KPA?

The dockers will be required to sling and un-sling out of gauge containers/loose cargo, physically guide the equipment operator in positioning of containers onto either terminal trailer, ship, or other road/rail transport as well as physically handle and carry packages during stripping, verification, surveys and …

How do I become a supplier in Kenya?

  1. Limited Companies, Partnerships & Sole Proprietors. Registration/Incorporation Certificate. CR12 Certificate. Pin Certificate.
  2. Individual Consultants. Pin Certificate. Tax Compliance Certificate. Application Letter for the relevant category plus Resume.

How much is a docker paid in Kenya?

In the new CBA, the basic salary for the highest-paid docker stands at Sh106,534, up from Sh102,436 per month. The lowest-paid docker will take home Sh46,144, up from the current Sh44,369.

How much do Knbs pay statisticians?

The average salaries for Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is 64,065 Shilling. This data is collated by 16 employees from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). The roles include Data Analyst, Enumerator, Field Supervisor, Intern, Operations Assistant, Statistician etc.

Does kebs pay well?

The average salaries for Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS) is 46,659 Shilling. This data is collated by 8 employees from Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS). The roles include Accountant, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Analyst, Statistician, Quality Assurance Assistant, Laboratory Technologist etc.

How much does KRA pay for attachment?

Monthly Stipend payable is Kshs. 7,000 and is subject to applicable statutory deductions. If selected, candidates will be required to submit proof of a valid Personal Accident Insurance Cover, KRA PIN certificate, NHIF, NSSF registration, ID card and Bank Account details.

How can a student get a KRA PIN?

  1. Visit
  2. Select “New PIN Registration”
  3. Select “Non-Individual” and “Online Form” as your mode of registration.
  4. Fill in your basic information.
  5. Select suitable tax obligation by checking the relevant boxes.
  6. Enter details of company directors or partners.

Who is James githii Mburu?

James Githii Mburu is the Chairman and Commissioner General of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). He was appointed to the role on June 6, 2019 but assumed office on July 1, 2019 to effectively kick off his three-year term at the helm of the taxman.

What is tot in KRA?

Turnover Tax (TOT) is a tax charged on gross sales of a business as per Sec. 12 (c) of the Income Tax Act. The tax is payable by resident persons whose gross turnover is more than Ksh 1,000,000 but less than Ksh 50,000,000 in any given year. … Turnover Tax is charged at the rate of 1% on gross sales.

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How much do Intern doctors earn in Kenya?

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) signed with the Council of Governors (CoG) will see the lowest-paid doctor (intern) earn Ksh206, 989, including allowances, says BD’s report.

Does KPLC pay Attachees?

The salary trajectory of an Attaché ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at KES 43,813 per year and goes up to KES 134,118 per year for the highest level of seniority.

Does Nairobi Water pay interns?

Earning solely depends on your salary scale and what is set by the SRC. Interns are unpaid.

How do you use KRA industrial attachment?

Go to and then click on the ‘Register’ button to start the application process. After registration, you will receive an email enabling you to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

How does Safaricom motivate its employees?

It was concluded that most employees are motivated by money, bonus, and attractive package benefits. In order to make employees benefit, Safaricom is driven by such factors as the need to improve services and the need to increase performance among others.

What is kra full form?

Definition of ‘Key Result Areas’ Definition: Key result areas or KRAs refer to the general metrics or parameters which the organisation has fixed for a specific role. … It also helps employees to align their role with that of the organisation.

How do you explain KPI in an interview?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. They are measurable goals set by your employers which help track your progress in a particular position. As well as matching your personal progress, KPIs should always align with and reflect the business’ goals.

How long does KRA take to respond?

Tax recovery takes a maximum of six (6) Months from the time it is initiated. However, some cases may take a shorter period to conclude depending on the availability of the parties and readiness of the Tribunal or Court. There are situations where parties opt for ADR and this takes three (3) Months or 90 days.

How many staff does KRA have?

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) staff will be gifted a one month salary equivalent for surpassing the 2020/21 financial year targets. The news of the salary bonus is definitely music to the ears of the over 14,000 employees of the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Who introduced KRA?

The Kenya Revenue Authority was established by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya, which became effective on 1st July 1995. KRA is charged with collecting revenue on behalf of the government of Kenya.

What is the need of KRA?

The overall mandate of KRA is to assess, collect and account for all tax revenues in accordance with the written laws and the specified provisions of the written laws.

How much does a docker earn?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Docker is $130,638, or $62 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $151,170, or $72 per hour.

Is Docker a tool?

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Docker Hub is a software-as-a-service tool that enables users to publish and share container-based applications through a common library. The service touts more than 100,000 publicly available applications, as well as public and private container registries.

What is the work of KPA?

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is a Commercial and Strategic State Corporation is mandated to maintain, operate, improve, and regulate all sea and inland waterway ports in Kenya. … The Port of Mombasa is a gateway to East and Central Africa and is one of the busiest Ports along the East African coastline.

How do I become a Safaricom shareholder?

  1. Log into your Online shares trading up.
  2. Fund the account by adding cash via MPESA (or the method you usually use)
  3. Click buy Shares.
  4. Scroll to select Safaricom shares.
  5. Enter the quantity needed and set the price limit, if necessary.
  6. Confirm the order.

How do I partner with Safaricom?

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Legal requirements for the NDA:
  2. Content Service Provider Onboarding. Submission of duly filled CSP application form and KYC requirements.
  3. Contract. Upon successful Business Proposal and KYC review, CSP contract is drafted and new CSP.
  4. VPN set up.
  5. Connection to SDP/USSD/IVR.
  6. Business Model.

How can I start selling Safaricom airtime?

  1. Dial *334#
  2. Select Pochi La Biashara.
  3. Then Mechant Services.
  4. Then Airtime.
  5. Select Sell Airtime.
  6. Enter mobile phone number of the buyer.

Is Docker a framework?

Docker, a subset of the Moby project, is a software framework for building, running, and managing containers on servers and the cloud.

How long does attachment last in Kenya?

Mandatory attachment As a Kenyan undergraduate student, it is mandatory to take part in an industrial attachment. An industrial attachment is where a student works for a company, usually for a minimum period of eight weeks, with the aim of getting real-life experiences of the course one is pursuing.

How do I apply for an attachment in Kenya?

  1. date of birth.
  2. Gender.
  3. Learning institution.
  4. Study level.
  5. Admission number.
  6. Skill area.
  7. Disability status.

Does KRA offer attachment?

s Youth Initiative to develop a pool of young talent for the Kenyan Labour Market, KRA is seeking applications from continuing Bachelor? s Degree students for its three (3) months (January to March 2019) Industrial Attachment programme.

How much does it cost to apply for KRA PIN?

The default KRA PIN Cost (KRA application charges) is Kshs. 200/= only. Pay easily and conveniently today for your PIN application online using M-Pesa till number 745508.

What does LR number mean in KRA?

The main responsibility of the Kenya Revenue Authority lies in the collection of taxes on behalf of the Kenyan government. … Your physical address(L.R number, building, street or road, city or town, county, district, tax area or locality, and descriptive address).

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