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How to get a job at Domtar?

Is Domtar a good company?

Excellent company with great benefits and support for employees. Good team work, and site safety is taken seriously. Love the department I work in, amazing atmosphere.

What do you do at Domtar?

Domtar makes products that people around the world rely on every day. We design, manufacture, market and distribute a wide variety of communication, specialty and packaging papers, market pulp and airlaid nonwovens.

Why work at Domtar?

I have had great opportunities to develop my people management and leadership skills. Working at Domtar is being part of a big family where people care for each other and respect one another. I strongly encourage women to consider an IT career at Domtar, where diversity is key to engagement, performance and success.

Is Domtar shut down?

Domtar Paper Mill Company permanently shut down its operations on the A62 paper machine at the Ashdown mill back in August due to cost-cutting measures in response to the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 109 were laid off.

When did Domtar buy Weyerhaeuser?

We combined operations with Weyerhaeuser’s fine paper business to form Domtar Corporation in 2007, the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated paper in North America and the second-largest in the world.

How many employees does Domtar have?

Our Company Approximately 6,400 employees make our products at 21 manufacturing facilities located around the world.

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Is Domtar a union?

The union that signed a four-year deal at Domtar’s Kamloops pulp mill hopes the new contract will pave the way for investments by the corporation.

Is Domtar being sold?

Domtar sold to Richmond-based Paper Excellence for close to $3 billion. It appears Domtar will be going private. The publicly-traded company, which owns the pulp mill in Kamloops, has been sold to Paper Excellence for about $3 billion. Reports indicate the deal is worth $2.8 billion.

When did Domtar close in Cornwall?

I was 15 years old at the time, and although I was a young high school student with only friends and homework to worry about, even I was aware of the tragic news for many families throughout our city: Domtar would be closing permanently on March 31, 2006. On Dec. 9, 2004, Domtar Inc.

Who bought Domtar in Kingsport TN?

Domtar to be acquired by paper manufacturer after entering $3B agreement, all operations to continue. KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Domtar will be acquired by a paper manufacturing company in a deal representing three billion dollars.

Does Weyerhaeuser own Domtar?

Weyerhaeuser Company on August 23 announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to combine its Fine Paper business and related assets with Domtar Inc. The transaction gives Weyerhaeuser shareholders 55 percent ownership in the new company and includes a $1.35 billion cash payment to Weyerhaeuser.

Who is the owner of Paper Excellence?

Paper Excellence is part of the gargantuan and opaque corporate empire of the multi-billionaire Widjaja family of Indonesia. It is also owner of the controversial Northern Pulp mill in Nova Scotia.

Where are Domtar mills located?

The company operates pulp and paper mills in Windsor, Quebec, Dryden, Ontario, Kamloops, British Columbia, Ashdown, Arkansas, Hawesville, Kentucky, Plymouth, North Carolina, and Marlboro County, South Carolina.

Does Domtar make toilet paper?

In addition to paper, we’re also a major producer of market pulp – papergrade, fluff and specialty. Our pulp is sold to companies that make a wide range of products, including bathroom and facial tissue, paper towels, absorbent hygiene products, electrical insulating papers, building products and more.

Is Domtar publicly traded?

Stock Charts and General Information Domtar’s annual sales are approximately $5.5 billion, and its common stock is traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the UFS symbol. Data Provided by Refinitiv.

What is the factory in Dryden Ontario?

The Dryden pulp mill sits along the Wabigoon chain of lakes in northwestern Ontario. The city of Dryden is one of the smallest communities in Ontario, but it offers many natural resources that make it well-suited for pulp and paper production and a vibrant home for pulp mill workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Who bought Domtar Kamloops?

On May 11, 2021, Paper Excellence and Domtar, based on Montreal and Fort Mill, S.C., entered reached an agreement for Richmond-based Paper Excellence to purchase Domtar for $55.50 per share, a deal worth about $3 billion in United States currency.

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Is Paper Excellence buying Domtar?

[California, USA] – The Paper Excellence Group, a global diversified manufacturer of pulp and specialty, printing, writing, and packaging papers, today announced the successful closing of its previously-announced acquisition of Domtar (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS), a leading provider of fiber-based products.

Who bought Domtar in Ashdown Arkansas?

RICHMOND, British Columbia/FORT MILL, SC –– Domtar Corporation, which laid off over 100 employees at its southwest Arkansas facility last year, has been sold to a pulp manufacturing company in Canada for $3 billion.

How much is Domtar worth?

Domtar has a market cap or net worth of $2.80 billion. The enterprise value is $3.01 billion.

What products does Domtar make?

  1. Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media.
  2. Lettermark™ Office Paper.
  3. EarthChoice® Office Paper.
  4. Cougar®
  5. Lynx®
  6. Husky®

What industry is Domtar?

Domtar Industries LLC. Domtar Industries Inc. manufactures paper and its related products. The Company offers its product which includes printing, business and office, publishing, xerox paper and personal related products.

What industries are in Kingsport Tennessee?

The major economic components in Kingsport are healthcare, manufacturing and educational services. In Kingsport the significant employment sectors are healthcare, chemicals, accommodation and food services, educational services, and finance and insurance.

Is Paper Excellence owned by China?

Paper Excellence Canada would like to have Canadians believe that because it is headquartered in Richmond, BC, it is a Canadian company owned “100% by Jackson Widjaja,” according to its then deputy CEO Pedro Chang.

Is Paper Excellence a good company?

Good place to work, beautiful area of the world. The paper industry is struggling, this business in particular has been struggling to recover from bankruptcy for years.

How many employees does Paper Excellence have?

After the completed transaction, Paper Excellence now has more than 2,400 employees at seven mills. Through innovation and adaptability, we provide cellulose based products at lowest possible cost.

How is fluff pulp made?

Fluff pulps are used as raw material in the absorbent core of personal care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, air-laid absorbent towelling as such or in conjunction with super-absorbents or synthetic fibres. … Fluff pulp is normally made of softwood pulp obtained by sulphate or sulphite pulping.

Is wood a pulp?

Wood is the main source of pulp and paper. Preliminary production steps are debarking and chipping. Pulping processes are of three principal types: mechanical, or grinding; chemical, or cooking with added chemicals; and semichemical, or a combination of heat or chemical pretreatment…

What is paper excellence worth?

Domtar stock soars after buyout deal with Paper Excellence valuing company at $2.8 billion.

What is the smell in Dryden?

Officials found out the odour was coming from the Domtar mill. Domtar Spokesperson Bonny Skene says odour causing compounds that are usually contained and burned as part of their process, were ventilated for a brief period of time. Residents ventilated their homes to remove the odour.

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What is the main industry in Dryden?

The main industries in Dryden include manufacturing (particularly paper and pulp), renewable energy (including bioenergy and solar energy), and service. Dryden is located on Ontario’s Highway 17, which forms part of the Trans-Canada Highway. It is situated halfway between the larger cities of Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.

Who owns the pulp mill in Kamloops?

Domtar Corp., which owns and operates the pulp mill in Kamloops, has reached an agreement to be acquired by Paper Excellence in a deal worth an estimated $3 billion.

Who owns the Prince Albert pulp mill?

The Prince Albert pulp mill opened in 1968 as a softwood kraft pulp mill. It was purchased by Weyerhaeuser in 1986 and remained in operation until 2006 when it was closed and subsequently bought by Domtar.

Who is the largest employer in Kingsport TN?

  1. Eastman Chemical Company.
  2. Domtar.
  3. Mountain States Health Alliance.
  4. Wellmont.
  5. Kingsport City Schools.
  6. Sullivan County Schools.
  7. Eastman Credit Union.
  8. BAE Systems.

Where is the biggest paper mill in the world?

  1. International Paper is the world’s largest pulp and paper maker.
  2. Paper mill Mondi in Ružomberok, Slovakia.
  3. Diagram showing the sections of the Fourdrinier machine.
  4. Pulp & Paper Building, in Japan. It hosts many organizations in the pulp and paper industry.

Who owns Northern Pulp?

Paper Excellence , parent company of Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation, has a $350 million transformation plan for the currently dormant Northern Pulp Mill.

Who owns pulp mills in Nova Scotia?

Despite the shutdown of the mill, owned by Paper Excellence Canada, new plans for effluent treatment were submitted for environmental review and the province announced in May 2020 it would spend up to $10 million to help the company clean up the site.

Which province produces the most pulp and paper?

The pulp and paper industry in Canada is one of the country’s most important and profitable industries.. It is especially concentrated in Ontario and Quebec and plays an important role in many other provinces..

Who owns Meadow Lake Mechanical pulp?

Since 2007 we have been operating under the name Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc., which is part of the Paper Excellence Group.

Is fluff pulp toxic?

The absorbent core of a disposable diaper contains the combination of fluff pulp (made from soft wood fibers), and tiny granules of superabsorbent polymers (SAP). … They’re considered to be non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing when contained within the diaper – dry or wet.

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