How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?” (Interview Question)

Selecting supervisors adore to ask issues about your biggest weak spot in a position interview. They’ll count on specific examples in your answer, and they want to listen to a exceptional weak point.

To make things even more durable, some companies are now inquiring for 3 weaknesses.

So in this write-up, I’m heading to show you Accurately how to take care of issues about weaknesses in the work job interview with instance solutions.

Here’s what we’ll address:

  • Why interviewers really inquire about your weaknesses
  • Precise two-stage formula for answering “what is your weakness” or “what are 3 weaknesses” in the job interview to impress employers
  • The a single solution you certainly should really NOT give
  • Phrase-for-term instance solutions for your greatest weak spot

Let us get started…

Why Interviewers Ask About Your Weaknesses in the Job interview:

Hiring supervisors inquire about your biggest weakness (or top 3 weaknesses) for a several factors.

Initially, they want to see how you view yourself…

…whether you are self-aware and in a position to detect a weak location and be genuine about it. And whether you are upfront/relaxed conversing about a weak point in general.

Believe that it or not, they do not want an individual to say, “I’m great at anything. I have no weak point.” Due to the fact nobody’s amazing at anything! We all have strengths and locations we’re not so excellent at.

So component of the reason they’re inquiring is to measure your character and character.

Then, they’re also inquiring about finest weaknesses to make sure their task is a superior match.

If you do have a weak spot which is going to damage your performance in their corporation, they want to know and stay clear of selecting you! So I’ll talk about what weaknesses not to share in the future part.

Finally, employing administrators know this is not an straightforward problem to reply, so they also request this to notice how you carry out under pressure.

Fortunately, if you’re heading to go into the interview area with a match-strategy for this particular problem, so you are going to sense a lot much less tension than most candidates!

So now let’s appear at how to system out a terrific respond to to your finest weakness, or top rated 3 weaknesses… in addition what NOT to do.

How Not to Solution “What’s Your Finest Weak spot?”

This is likely what you have been instructed to do when asked about weaknesses in the job interview. It is all right, but not great…

The tactic: Flip a power into a weak point.

If you’ve at any time appeared for help answering this question in the previous, you were being possibly informed to do a thing like this.

Instance solution using this technique:

“Well, from time to time I’m way too detail-oriented and complete, so I have to remember to strike my deadlines and balance pace way too.”


“I’m seriously passionate about this sector and the perform I’m executing, so from time to time I will need to remind myself to loosen up and not get about-psyched in the moment.”

Interviewers are pretty drained of hearing solutions like this, while.

Hiring managers have read it so numerous moments and it’s dropped its magic. They won’t be thrilled with interview responses like this due to the fact it doesn’t genuinely inform them everything about you, other than the actuality that you read through a several job interview methods ahead of coming in.

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They want a serious weak point They want to find out a thing about you and your history.

So here’s how to give a significantly superior response when they talk to you about weaknesses in an interview…

Confirmed 2-Step System to Reply “What Is Your Greatest Weak spot?”

Now that you know what not to do when naming your weaknesses in a occupation job interview, let us appear at what you *should really* do to “wow” the selecting manager.

Step 1: Give a serious weakness, but with a couple of rules…

When they request “what’s your biggest weak spot?”, I suggest you be straight-forward and give a candid solution to the hiring manager, they’ll value it IF you do it right…

That suggests you have to continue to keep a couple of things in thoughts and avoid a few of prospective traps.

Very first, really don’t name a weak point connected to how you operate with other individuals or how you get alongside with management.

Illustrations contain: Difficulty adhering to recommendations, problems communicating, remaining susceptible to arguments and disagreements, and so on. You improved choose a unique weakness to share, due to the fact no hiring manager wants to hear this style of matter.

In reality, to play it even safer I advocate you select something skill-dependent, not personality-primarily based. That’ll maintain you in the distinct.

When you pick a little something skill-dependent, you want it to be pertinent to your work, but not a primary aim of the work you are making use of for. If you are looking to come to be an accountant, never say your weak point is doing the job with figures or getting detail oriented.

However, you could say your weakness is a specified variety of device or software package, or an full area of accounting that you have not labored significantly closely with not too long ago. Maybe you studied it in school but have not experienced a possibility to use it arms-on given that then and you’d need some time to brush up.

Step 2: Discuss about what you’re undertaking to overcome this weakness

After providing a true weakness in your solution, you want to display how you’re halting this weak spot from remaining an issue, or how you’re creating certain it does not have an affect on your overall get the job done.

For instance, it’s possible you’re fast bettering in the spot.

Probably you have identified a way close to it with other tools/skills, and so on.

I put a sample respond to underneath to demonstrate you how this could seem in the job interview. 

The instance is dependent on somebody in the software program/programming area, but you really should be capable to comprehend this no make any difference what.

Illustration Job interview Reply for “What’s Your Biggest Weak spot?”

“When I appear at my skill established as a complete, just one weak point proper now would be Java Programming. It is just not a thing that I’ve been asked to do considering the fact that faculty so I have an understanding of the fundamentals but I’m really rusty in terms of working palms-on with it. I was arranging on brushing up in the next few months to broaden my ability established, while. I think it’d aid me be more well-rounded and would filter down into other parts that I use extra typically in my work.”

This is a superior reply as extensive as you’re not interviewing for a task where they count on you to begin employing this ability (Java programming) each and every working day.

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By no means title a weak spot that’s a core part of the position you are interviewing for!

Look at the occupation description and you are going to get a perception of this prior to the job interview.

Now, occasionally businesses will talk to for 3 weaknesses in a career interview, so let’s glimpse at illustrations of how to solution that now.

What if They Request for 3 Weaknesses in the Task Interview? (Illustrations)

Let’s say they inquire you, “What are your top 3 weaknesses?”

This is a little bit tougher… not only simply because you have to believe of 3 various items while producing certain it is not likely to scare the employer off, but you also have to continue to keep your respond to arranged.

So for this motive, I’d advise picking 3 carefully-associated subject areas that are weaknesses. Really don’t pick one particular personality trait, a single challenging-skill like Java programming, and a person location like leadership or delegation. Hold them all linked.

So likely again to the instance answer earlier mentioned, we can adapt it a little bit to contain 3 weaknesses now. Here’s how it’d look…

3 Weaknesses Position Job interview Illustration Answer:

“When I seem at my skill set as a whole, I consider 3 weaknesses are Java, Ruby, and CSS. These are just not programming languages I’ve been questioned to use or be concerned in considering that school. So I have an understanding of the fundamentals, but I’m very rusty in terms of doing the job fingers-on with them. I was preparing on brushing up in the up coming handful of months to broaden my talent set, even though, even if they are not expected in this position. I consider it’d assistance me be more well-rounded and would filter down into other locations that I use more usually in my operate.”

Continue to keep These Ideas in Mind When Answering “What’s Your Finest Weakness” in a Position Job interview

If you browse the whole write-up you now know why using the services of administrators ask, “what’s your biggest weakness”.

And you know why the regular response most people today are offering is *not* heading to impress them.

You also know the two-move formulation to come up with a terrific respond to that WILL stand out and make them want to give you the position.

If you skipped that, make guaranteed to go again up and get familiar with the two-action response method for offering a real weakness and then describing how you have prevail over it. Which is by far the Greatest way to remedy “what is your biggest weakness?” or “what are your weaknesses?” in the interview.

If you give this type of respond to in its place of the regular “fake” weakness (a strength disguised as a weak spot), you are likely to construct a a lot better relationship with the selecting supervisor and they’ll seriously appreciate the thoughtful, real reply you came up with.

This is how you stand out in the interview and make by yourself unforgettable (so you can get more task offers!)

Any time you can prevent providing a cookie-cutter, frequent interview respond to and say a little something special is good.

I’d really endorse likely into each individual interview organized to share at least one specific example of a weak spot employing this two-step process.

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