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Frequent question: How to get a job at BC Transit?

To apply for a Conventional Bus Operator position, you’ll need a Class 5 BC driver’s licence or Canadian equivalent. You must also be able to obtain a minimum of a Class 2 BC commercial learner’s permit with the air brake endorsement unless you hold a valid Class 1 or a Class 2 licence.

Similarly, is BC Transit a government job? BC Transit is a Crown corporation that coordinates the delivery of public transportation across B.C. with the exception of those areas serviced by TransLink (Metro Vancouver).

Also the question is, why do you want to work for BC Transit? BC Transit is committed to strengthening our people and partnerships. We offer rewarding career opportunities, competitive compensation and great benefits. … Comprehensive medical, dental and group plan benefits through Pacific Blue Cross to cover you and your whole family, regardless of what life throws at you.

Amazingly, is TransLink a good company to work for? Translink in a fantastic employer I enjoyed working and developing my skills immensely. Great management and scope for progression. Highly recommend..

Moreover, is it hard to drive a transit bus? Driving a bus is often easier than driving a car. A lot of the drivers are courteous to bus drivers and block for them when we need to make a turn or change lanes. Buses get to use the express lanes so the amount of time we actually sit in traffic is limited.

How long is training to be a bus driver?

Our driver training programme is part of a “Level 2 Passenger Transport Driver – Bus” apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship programme lasts for a minimum of 12 months and includes your licence acquisition training and subsequent on and off the job training to successfully complete the apprenticeship programme.

Is TransLink a crown corporation?

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TransLink actually leases these assets from the province. As of May 21, these assets were transferred to the BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA). This is a shadow crown corporation which is essentially the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

How is BC Transit funded?

BC Transit’s share of transit system funding is provided by the Provincial Government. BC Transit funds 46.69% of conventional transit systems and 66.69% of custom systems. … The Municipality uses revenue collected from the transit system (fares, advertising, etc.) to reduce the local property tax share of costs.

What happens at First Bus interview?

First Bus Telephone Interview First Bus will contact you to set up a time, so make sure you are in a calm, quiet place during the interview to help you focus. … During the interview, the questions focus on your understanding of the applied job, what your responsibilities will be and what you know about First Bus.

How do I become a bus driver in Canada?

  1. be at least 21 years old.
  2. hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2.
  3. pass an vision test.
  4. submit a valid medical report.
  5. successfully complete a government-approved School Bus Driver Improvement Course ( SBDIC )
  6. pass a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check ( CRJMC )

How many people work at TransLink?

I would like to express my appreciation to the employees at B.C. Rapid Transit Company, Coast Mountain Bus Company, Transit Police and TransLink who made this award possible – it’s our team of 7,039 employees working together to ensure that our customers have a positive experience and benefit from reliable service to …

Is bus driving a skilled job?

“A job where you don’t need a specific skill to work there is unskilled. That doesn’t mean they’re not important! Nurses, bus drivers, supermarket workers are needed, but still unskilled. Fact.”

Is being a bus driver stressful?

Background. Urban bus drivers work under conditions that are among the most demanding, stressful, and unhealthy with higher rates of mortality and morbidity as well as absenteeism and turnover.

Is it worth being a bus driver?

Good Paying Job. A career in the bus driving industry can mean making up to $44,000 per year. Extra earning opportunities are usually available as well. There are also several opportunities to pick up extra hours, as well as receive employee benefits from the school.

What skills are needed to be a bus driver?

  1. Customer-service skills. Bus drivers regularly interact with passengers and must be courteous and helpful.
  2. Hand-eye coordination.
  3. Hearing ability.
  4. Patience.
  5. Physical health.
  6. Visual ability.

How long are bus driver shifts?

The maximum total driving time across the entire rota is seven hours and 51 minutes on any day, the rota averages out at just under 40 hours a week and there are two scheduled rest days (including Sunday).

How do I become a bus driver?

  1. Hold a full driver’s licence, with at least one year’s UK driving experience*
  2. Be prepared to work varying shift patterns, which include rostered weekends and bank holidays.
  3. Hold a current PCV licence & DQC or be prepared to train for one.
  4. Sense of humour and enthusiastic attitude.
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What is the difference between TransLink and BC Transit?

TransLink was created in 1998 as the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (GVTA) and was fully implemented in April 1999 by the Government of British Columbia to replace BC Transit in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and assume many transportation responsibilities previously held by the provincial …

What is the largest Crown corporation in Canada?

The largest of these government liquor businesses, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (founded 1927), was by 2008 one of the world’s largest alcohol retailers.

Is transit link government owned?

As a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), we implement projects on its behalf to benefit you.

Is BC Transit profitable?

Revenue from passenger fares (operations), advertising, investments and fuel tax totalled $95.3 million or 28.7 per cent of total funding. BC Transit by the numbers: … Transports 57.4 million passengers annually. Serves more than 1.98 million people in B.C.

How many people use transit in BC?

More than 1.6 million British Columbians in over 130 communities have access to BC Transit local and regional transit services.

How do you pass a bus interview?

  1. INTERVIEW TIP #1 – Read the job description carefully.
  2. INTERVIEW TIP #2 – Safety, safety, safety!
  3. INTERVIEW TIP #3 – Customer and passenger service.
  4. INTERVIEW TIP #4 – Prepare answers to the most common Bus Driver interview questions being asked right now!

How long is first bus training?

The 20 day course now includes three days of intensive customer service training – a significant increase for First and thought to be the most comprehensive customer service training in the industry. First has put in place a guarantee to ensure a minimum 2:1 driver/trainer ratio at all times.

Does First Bus drug test?

They do a swob test, breathalyser and urine sample if needed. I’ve been there 2 years and been tested once and that was in my assessment getting the job.

What licence do you need for a bus?

Once you have successfully passed your PCV Category D practical test, you will then obtain Category D and Category D1 on your driving licence which will entitle you to drive any bus, minibus or coach.

What does a transit operator do?

provide passengers with information on fares, schedules and stops. collect fares, issue and validate transfers, check bus passes. conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicle.

What is the role of transit operator?

Collects fares from passengers and issues transfers; checks passenger transfers, fast passes, and electronic passes to ensure they are valid. … Responds to customers’ questions regarding routes, directions, fares and transfers.

What is the purpose of TransLink?

Our vision and purpose is creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

Who owns TransLink in Vancouver?

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About Us. British Columbia Rapid Transit Company Ltd. (BCRTC), on behalf of TransLink, maintains and operates two of the three SkyTrain lines in Metro Vancouver — the Expo Line and the Millennium Line — as well as the West Coast Express commuter rail service.

How do you qualify for handy darts?

HandyDART Eligibility If you have a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability and cannot use conventional public transit without assistance, you may be eligible to use HandyDART.

How much do Canada line workers make?

How much does a Lineman make? The national average salary for a Lineman is $83,964 in Canada.

What does a SkyTrain attendant do?

STAs play an integral role in SkyTrain operations and customer service—including helping customers with directions, recovering lost items, providing basic security, troubleshooting SkyTrain mechanical issues, and encouraging and ensuring passenger safety in and around stations and trains.

Is TransLink a private company?

We often hear people saying TransLink is a private agency—but in fact, we are public! Our agency is created and governed by a provincial act, and much of our revenue comes from public funding: property taxes, fuel taxes, and more.

Are bus drivers in demand?

Demand for bus drivers is projected to remain relatively flat over the next decade. Most job opportunities in the field are expected to be created by drivers who retire. … Opportunities for promotion in the field are limited, but experienced drivers may become supervisors, dispatchers, or driving instructors.

What occupation is bus driver?

They transport people through local routes, making scheduled stops to pick up and drop off passengers. These drivers can also transport communities, hospital patients, elderly people, and schoolchildren to different destinations. A Bus Driver usually performs many of the following tasks: Checking transport passes.

What type of job is a bus driver?

Intercity Bus Drivers transport passengers between cities and States. They relate schedules, routes, fares, and other information concerning the trips. Drivers also pick up and drop off packages, load and unload baggage, and collect cash fares from passengers.

Is being a bus driver easy?

There’s a reason that great school bus drivers are difficult to find and keep: driving a school bus requires more than just driving skill and patience. … The job requires a unique skill set, and it’s not as easy as you’d think.

What are the benefits of being a bus driver?

  1. Health Insurance.
  2. Life Insurance.
  3. Dental Insurance.
  4. Rental Insurance.
  5. Sick Leave.
  6. Vacation Time.
  7. And More.

Are bus drivers federal employees?

Employees of terminal companies or intercity bus or rail providers are considered transit employees when federal assistance is used to construct or use an intermodal facility.

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