Facilitating work-life balance

It’s back to school! It’s time to put the right work-life balance attitudes back in place! There are several solutions to organize yourself more efficiently and keep your time and energy for the essentials:

  • Sharing family tasks
  • Drawing on the network and external resources
  • De-clutter and clean up on a regular basis
  • Anticipating and setting priorities
  • Rethinking organization at work

The employer has just as much interest as you do in having a good work-life balance! You are more efficient, always on time and always on the job. Your mood is also bound to be better. All of this allows you to perform better and be more productive. Not to mention that a company that agrees to implement a work-life balance policy offers a better organizational image and is more attractive to employees.

Talking to your employer about this is often easier than you think. However, it is important to prepare well for the meeting: make an appointment in advance, present your request while reassuring him/her of his/her interests as well, and hear his/her limits. Bring solutions to the meeting along with your request. Give them time to think about it and think about other possible solutions in case of refusal.

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