How to negotiate your salary during the interview

Get the salary you want: Shew. You last but not least have an offer on the desk, and you’re so…

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Do’s and don’ts for successfully negotiating your salary

In today’s tight labor current market, companies in lots of industries are struggling to fill open up positions. It’s a…

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Do you think you’re underpaid?

A Payscale survey shows that a large proportion of workers believe they are underpaid, whether they are or not. Our…

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Negotiating a salary: how to do it?

That’s it: a job offer! After weeks or even months of searching, you may be tempted to accept immediately, without…

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Worst mistakes in negotiating his salary

Aiming too high or accepting an offer too quickly are just a few examples of mistakes made when negotiating your…

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8 tips to find out if the one you’re getting is fair

“When it comes to salary, perception plays a major role…” warns Michel Dubé, CIRC and Director of Compensation Consulting Services…

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Working from home: the highest-paying jobs

Sometimes in the morning, my husband hates me. I can’t help it, and I don’t blame him. While he has…

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15 paying jobs without a university education

High salaries and degrees don’t always go hand in hand. Here are 15 paying jobs that don’t require long studies.…

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Retail wages

Retail has a bad press among job seekers and students. There is a common misconception that only the minimum wage…

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