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70 Coaching Questions for Managers Using the GROW Model

The Expand Design is the most prevalent coaching framework applied by executive coaches. Given its relative simplicity, several professionals have taught them selves the Develop model as a way to composition coaching and mentoring periods with their staff. Expand is an acronym that stands for:

  • Intention
  • Current Actuality
  • Solutions
  • Will (or Way Forward)

Supervisors use the product to assist their personnel increase functionality, address problems, make improved choices, understand new skills, and get to their vocation goals.

The key to coaching and making use of the Grow design lies in inquiring excellent questions. Coaching isn’t telling the worker what to do—it’s helping the employee come up with their personal answers by asking the ideal concern at the right time.

The pursuing are 70 coaching concerns supervisors can make use of, classified within the framework of the 4-action Increase design.


Coaching begins with developing a target. It could be a functionality aim, a improvement goal, a issue to address, a choice to make, or a target for the coaching session. For clarity of aim location as effectively as regularity across your team, really encourage your personnel to use a S.M.A.R.T. goal structure, where by the letters stand for:

  • Particular
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Sensible
  • Well timed

The next 10 questions can support individuals achieve clarity about their goals:

  1. What do you want to achieve from this coaching session?
  2. What purpose do you want to obtain?
  3. What would you like to transpire with ______?
  4. What do you actually want?
  5. What would you like to attain?
  6. What final result are you hoping to obtain?
  7. What end result would be excellent?
  8. What do you want to alter?
  9. Why are you hoping to obtain this aim?
  10. What would the added benefits be if you achieved this target?

Recent Fact

This stage in the Grow product helps you and the worker attain recognition of the recent situation—what’s likely on, the context, and the magnitude of the condition. 

The vital is to acquire it sluggish and effortless with your issues. It’s not a immediate-fire interrogation. Permit the employee assume about the issue and mirror on their solutions. Use active listening techniques, as this is not the time to bounce to remedy generation or share your very own opinions.

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The subsequent 20 inquiries are designed to make clear the present-day fact:

  1. What is happening now (what, who, when, and how typically)? What is the influence or outcome of this?
  2. Have you presently taken any actions toward your intention?
  3. How would you describe what you did?
  4. Where by are you now in relation to your purpose?
  5. On a scale of a single to 10, the place are you?
  6. What has contributed to your results so significantly?
  7. What development have you created so much?
  8. What is performing nicely correct now?
  9. What is expected of you?
  10. Why have not you reached that purpose previously?
  11. What do you consider is stopping you?
  12. What do you assume was genuinely occurring?
  13. Do you know other people today who have attained that aim?
  14. What did you learn from _____?
  15. What have you by now tried?
  16. How could you flip this all over this time?
  17. What could you do better this time?
  18. If you asked ____, what would they say about you?
  19. On a scale of one to 10, how severe/serious/urgent is the condition?
  20. If someone claimed/did that to you, what would you feel/come to feel/do?


After you both have a crystal clear comprehending of the circumstance, the coaching conversation turns to what the worker can do to achieve their objective. 

These 20 inquiries are intended to aid the worker investigate alternatives and create options:

  1. What are your solutions?
  2. What do you believe you need to do future?
  3. What could be your very first stage?
  4. What do you consider you need to do to get a superior end result (or nearer to your goal)?
  5. What else could you do?
  6. Who else might be capable to enable?
  7. What would happen if you did nothing at all?
  8. What has labored for you by now? How could you do extra of that?
  9. What would transpire if you did that?
  10. What is the most difficult/most difficult portion of that for you?
  11. What guidance would you give to a pal about that?
  12. What would you attain/shed by accomplishing/indicating that?
  13. If another person did/mentioned that to you what do you feel would come about?
  14. What’s the most effective/worst factor about that possibility?
  15. Which possibility do you truly feel ready to act on?
  16. How have you tacked this/a comparable scenario right before?
  17. What could you do in another way?
  18. Who do you know who has encountered a identical problem?
  19.  If just about anything was possible, what would you do?
  20. What else?

Will (Or Way Forward)

This is the previous stage in the Increase model. In this action, the mentor checks for commitment and helps the worker set up a distinct motion prepare for next actions. Here are 20 concerns to assist probe for and accomplish motivation: 

  1. How are going to go about it?
  2. What do you believe you require to do correct now?
  3. Notify me how you’re going to do that.
  4. How will you know when you have accomplished it?
  5. Is there anything at all else you can do?
  6. On a scale of a single to 10, what is the likelihood of your approach succeeding?
  7. What would it choose to make it a 10?
  8. What road blocks are obtaining in the way of achievements?
  9. What roadblocks do you be expecting or demand preparing?
  10. What resources can aid you?
  11. Is there anything at all missing?
  12. What will a person smaller step you take now?
  13. When are you heading to start out?
  14. How will you know you have been thriving?
  15. What aid do you need to get that carried out?
  16. What will come about (or, what is the expense) of you NOT undertaking this?
  17. What do you want from me/some others to help you achieve this?
  18. What are a few steps you can just take that would make sense this week?
  19. On a scale of a single to 10, how dedicated/motivated are you to executing it?
  20. What would it get to make it a 10?

Inquiries to Get started a Conversation

A coaching conversation hardly ever follows a wonderful, neat, sequential four-action route. Having said that, an arsenal of brilliant thoughts in the Improve framework gives supervisors the self-assurance necessary to get started out. At some point, it will turn into a pure, conversational movement, ebbing back again and forth within the framework.

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