5 unfair ways to make more money

Life is sometimes unfair, it has to be said. There are a number of factors, not based on merit, that can contribute to faster hiring, more frequent promotions and higher salaries for some people compared to their equally competent colleagues.

How can you be one of the lucky few? Unfortunately, most ways are beyond your control. Here’s how it’s done.

You have to be attractive

Attractive-looking people earn an average of $230,000 more than their less attractive colleagues over the course of their careers, according to research by Daniel Hamermesh, author and professor of economics at the University of Texas.
It seems natural that beautiful people earn more in jobs where beauty can be an asset, such as media personalities, actors or spokespersons. However, good-looking people are at an advantage in terms of salary, even in jobs where beauty is not a factor of success. For example, attractive NFL quarterbacks earn an average of $300,000 more than their less handsome but equally skilled teammates with equally impressive sports statistics.

I believe that in a fairer world, beauty would not be as rewarded,” says Hamermesh. But it is. »

You have to be a blonde woman

Why do blonde women have more fun? Maybe because they make more money than women with hair of a different colour. Researcher David Johnston of Queensland University of Technology found that blonde women earn 7% more than their colleagues with brown, red or black hair. In addition, the results of his study show that blonde women generally marry wealthier men than other women.

It seems that the link between blondes and beauty dominates,” says Johnston. This could explain why the “blonde effect” is so evident in the marriage market. »

You have to be skinny (if you are a woman) and you have to be a bit strong (if you are a man).

Elizabeth Bromstein said thin women are paid more than middleweight women. However, thinner men earn less money than their larger colleagues, who “earn more money the bigger they get – until they become obese and the trend is reversed,” writes Sue Schellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal.

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Timothy A. Judge of the University of Florida consulted separate studies of 11,253 Germans and 12,686 Americans. He found that women who weighed 25 pounds less than the average weight of the group earned an average of $15,572 more per year than women of normal weight. Women’s earnings decreased as their weight increased. A woman weighing 25 pounds above the average weight earned on average $13,847 less than a woman of average weight.

However, the data revealed the opposite for men. Lean men earned $8,437 less than average men, and their pay increased as they gained weight. This trend was reversed when they reached obesity.

You have to have a high IQ

A high IQ can increase your earnings from $234 to $616 per year. per IQ point. This is reported by Ohio State University economics professor Jay Zagorsky in an article entitled IQ and Wealth. However, if they earn more, it does not guarantee their future wealth. Zargorsky warns: “I’ve known real geniuses who have gone bankrupt. “It seems that superior intelligence does not guarantee good portfolio management.

You have to be a firstborn

First of all, they were photographed all the time and they got all the attention from their parents, and secondly, they got bigger salaries. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the results of a survey which indicates that firstborn children are more likely to earn more than $100,000 than their siblings. Middle children, on the other hand, find themselves in entry-level jobs that pay closer to $35,000 a year. The latest born have risen to middle management positions.

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Research has also shown that seniors are more likely to be highly educated and have an IQ three points higher than their younger siblings. And, as mentioned earlier, each additional IQ point can increase wages proportionately.

You have to be tall

Tall people earn more money than their shorter colleagues. Results from a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, authored by Timothy A. Judge (who seems to spend a lot of time studying these issues) show that a person can earn an extra $789 per year for every inch above average height.

The process of “looking down on others”, literally, can increase self-confidence,” says Judge. At the same time, having others “look up at them” can improve the self-confidence of tall people. »

There are prejudices, prevalent in the workplace, that affect compensation on the basis of height, weight, birth order, beauty and IQ; what connects all these factors is how they affect a person’s self-confidence and ambitions. A confident and ambitious person is likely to earn more money.

So, if you’re not a high IQ, skinny, sculptural, attractive, firstborn blonde woman, don’t worry.

Excessive wealth doesn’t buy happiness anyway. Recent studies have shown that the price of happiness is approximately $75,000. Most people can live comfortably on that salary, pursue their passions and save for the future. This frees them from the hassles faced by people who earn less than $75,000, while money earned in excess has less and less impact on general well-being.

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