13 tips for renovating your CV

The recruiter spends an average of 10 to 30 seconds on a CV. If you still use the obnoxious Comic Sans font, it’s almost certain to end up in the trash. However, a few tips can turn your sterile CV into a job!

Avoid small talk. The recruiter already knows the targeted skills, so focus on what makes you stand out. “There’s no false modesty in a CV. We don’t write lies, but we go to the maximum of our potential,” says Guy Samson, Senior Consulting Director at ConseilPro.

A malleable document. The ideal is to have a solid base, which you adapt for the targeted position. A project of lesser importance to you may be of paramount importance to the employer, depending on the profile sought, so put it first!

Social networks. When you add links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, make sure you have a neat online presentation.

Online portfolio. If you work in an artistic field, some sites allow you to host it for free or for a small fee, such as and

Keywords. The recruiter will focus on certain keywords that are important to him. Be sure to include strong words such as “leadership” or “vision”, especially in the cover letter.

To avoid
A CV of several pages. Even if you have a long career, write down the essentials in two pages, three at the most. Avoid technical details that drown out the essentials.

Write too small. The employer needs to be able to see your major achievements and education at a glance, not have to scrutinize every paragraph.

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The CV by skills. “It annoys some employers because they think there’s something fishy going on, something to hide. You have to mark jobs and years, even if you describe your skills,” says Samson.

French mistakes. No matter what your field of work!

A very long cover letter. A few simple paragraphs that explain what cannot be deciphered in your CV, such as your motivations and objectives, are your best weapon.

How to get noticed
Add visual. A beautiful presentation is not just for aesthetics, but to make you stand out. “In management, marketing or sales, usually 99% of the reasons for hiring are in the content. The visual should not take up too much space, but the CV should be well presented,” explains Guy Samson.
Without being mandatory, a small chart of your sales increase over the last few years is more dynamic than a simple series of numbers! The Piktochart site is extremely useful on the graphic side.

An interactive resume. Why not link to your animated website, especially if you have a lot of visual material to showcase? That said, the essential information must be visible at a glance to pass the pre-screening stage.

A virtual resume. A one-minute presentation video has more impact than a letter, provided it is professionally produced. Not all employers are fond of it, but it can be useful for a position where communication is key.

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